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High Speed photography is a specialized photography technique to capture very fast happening actions. A simple falling liquid drop creates very beautiful patterns when it hits to a solid or liquid surface. These events are very hard to see with normal eye. Also they are not easy to capture in camera. Pixavince Creations has organized…

Popular Basic Photography Workshop is back. We are announcing a next batch of one day Basic Photography Workshop. Any digital camera owner can join this workshop. This workshop will benefit the participants by understanding the details of their camera, functioning of camera and basics of photography techniques.

Photography is an art of capturing light and shadows creatively with an equipment i.e. camera. Many times available light is not convenient for creating dramatic effects in the picture. Pictures with camera flash suffer with flat lighting and harsh shadows. To overcome these difficulties off camera artificial lighting sources can be used to accomplish creative…

  Basic Photography Workshop on 8th July 2012. Female participants dominated the event. It was a very friendly group. Exciting event!!! Some of the snaps of the event –   More photos at – Photos on Flickr Thank You.    

We have lanuched the website of Pixavince creations on occassion of Holi and Women’s Day on 8th MAr 2012. We are starting Basic photography courses shortly. We are looking forward to seeing you.

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