Photography Essentials – Creative Lighting Workshop

Photography is an art of capturing light and shadows creatively with an equipment i.e. camera. Many times available light is not convenient for creating dramatic effects in the picture. Pictures with camera flash suffer with flat lighting and harsh shadows.

To overcome these difficulties off camera artificial lighting sources can be used to accomplish creative effects in your photos. These lighting solutions are very simple from household CFL lights to high end studio lights. Now a days basic camera flashes are available in the market from Rs. 2500. For efficient use all these equipment need understanding of basics of photographic lighting concepts and their operations.
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We have started Creative Lighting Workshop in Photography Essentials series. The contents of the workshop are designed to address above mentioned difficulties for hobby photographers.

 Highlights –

  • Understanding the basics of light from photography perspective.
  • Using off camera flash units with auto and manual power adjustments.
  • Understanding, using continuous and studio strobe lights.
  • Common lighting setups for – Macro Photography, Table Top photography, Food Photography and Portrait photography.
  • Learn to exhibit you products effectively on web.

Workshop Details –

Workshop Contents
  1. Light Characteristics and their effects in photography.
  2. Camera flash – Operations, synchronization, Guide Number interpretation and limitations.
  3. Off camera flash operation and synchronization.
  4. Continuous light sources and their use.
  5. Studio lighting setups and accessories.
  6. Lighting setups for Macro Photography, Table Top photography, Food Photography and Portrait photography.
  7. Hands on activities.
Workshop Prerequisites
  1. Basic knowledge of photography is necessary.
  2. Participant must own and carry DSLR or Advanced Digital Camera with flash hot shoe connection.
Workshop Date and Time     18th August 2, 2013 (Sunday). 9 AM to 5:30 PM.
Workshop Fees     Rs. 1500 per participant.
Location     Hotel President, Prabhat Road, Pune.


To enroll –
1. Use following link to get details of our bank account for online transfer.
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2. Once amount is transferred, use enrolment form from the same email to complete your enrolment process.

You can reach to us on – +91-98230-22244.