Introduction to High Speed Photography Workshop – Dec 2013

Introduction to High Speed Photography Workshop

High Speed photography is a specialized photography technique to capture very fast happening actions. A simple falling liquid drop creates very beautiful patterns when it hits to a solid or liquid surface. These events are very hard to see with normal eye. Also they are not easy to capture in camera.

Pixavince Creations has organized “Introduction to High Speed Photography” workshop for hobby photographers. Here participants will experience an exquisite world of High Speed Photography. They will learn the concepts, practices and basic techniques to capture high speed events like liquid drop collisions, popping balloon, water splashes etc. They will get an opportunity to capture these events with their cameras. Very limited entries for this workshop.



  • Background and requirements of high speed photgraphy.
  • Details of High Speed action capture process with normal DSLR Camera
  • Systems, tools and setups.
  • High Speed Photography Demonstrations

Requirements –

  • Interest in High Speed photography.
  • DSLR camera (mandatory).
  • Tripod.

Charges – Rs. 600 Per participant.
Prior enrollment with full payment is necessary.

Location –
Pixavince Creations Classroom on Sinhagad Road, Pune.

Date and Time –
Sunday, 15th December 2013. 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM

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For further details contact – +91-98230-22244