Weekend Photography Course

Uncover the Secrets of Photography With Our Weekend Photography Program

At Pixavince, we understand that every photography enthusiast has unique aspirations and interests. That's why we've meticulously crafted a program tailored to meet the specific needs of hobby photographers.

Whether you're a novice aiming to capture cherished family and travel memories or an enthusiast seeking to delve into specialized photography genres such as portraits, wildlife, or birding, or even if you dream of venturing into part-time photography business, our comprehensive bootcamp is designed to cater to your diverse goals.

Our team of skilled mentors is dedicated to making your photography learning journey not only informative but also enjoyable. With their expertise, they transform the learning experience into a knowledge-rich and joyful exploration of the art and science of photography. From mastering the basics to honing advanced techniques, Pixavince's program ensures that every participant gains the skills and confidence needed to excel in their photographic pursuits. Join us, and let your passion for photography blossom in a supportive and inspiring learning environment.

Personal Attention. Limited participants per batch.

  1. Communication in English, Marathi and Hindi.
  2. Learn with Innovative Camera Simulator software.
  3. 6  modules* targets all the aspects of Digital Photography.
  4. 3 weekend course.
  5. In depth understanding of your camera system.
  6. Classroom sessions supported by outdoor practice sessions.
  7. Click portraits with Studio Lighting Setup.
  8. Learn advanced techniques and use of photographic equipment.
  9. Interact with professionals to snip best practices and secrets.
  10. Unmatched Creativity. Give new directions to your thoughts.

Special Features:

During the course participants get access to –

  • Prime and Telephoto lenses for Nikon and Canon DSLR cameras.(Complementary use)
  • On/Off camera flash units, continuous studio lights.

I've been a subscriber to various photography channels and frequently turn to YouTube for learning photography skills. How can this course elevate my learning experience?

Unlike the solitary experience of sitting alone in front of a monitor, our classes offer a dynamic and interactive setting where you'll discover the true magic of photography through the lens of your camera. The hands-on guidance provided by our skilled instructors creates an unparalleled sense of enlightenment that simply cannot be compared to online videos.

At Pixavince, we understand the joy of pursuing your hobby with a like-minded community. Our classes foster a cheerful and collaborative environment, enhancing the overall learning experience. Throughout the course, we incorporate a variety of engaging photography activities designed to make your learning journey not just educational, but also incredibly rich and enjoyable.

Don't just take our word for it—our learners consistently express a drastic difference between online tutorials and the immersive Pixavince class experience. Join us and witness the transformative impact our program can have on your photography skills and overall enjoyment of this captivating art form.

Complete Ecosystem

Specialized programs tailored to nurture your photography hobby in distinct areas, exclusively accessible upon completing this course.

Course Modules

  • Introduction to photography and camera controls
  • Photographic Exposure
  • Light and Flash, Photography Scenarios, Basic Photo Retouching
  • Camera Lenses, Composition Techniques
  • Classroom Practice Session
  • Outdoor Practice

Course Details

Course LanguageEnglish
Course Prerequisite1. DSLR/Mirrorless camera and eagerness to spend extensive time in learning.
2. Participant should carry DSLR/Mirrorless Camera during the course.
Course FeesRs.  10,000

Pay at UPI ID: pixavince@icici OR Use Gpay Number 9823022244

Group discount:
1) Group of three participants: Discount of Rs.1000 per participant
2) Group of five participants: Discount of Rs.2000 per participant

Course Duration6 modules covered in 3 weekends
Baner Location

Location Map.

Office Location (Near Sinhagad Road)Row House-6, Bhargav Vihar SN. 53/1, Kudale Baug, Near Dnyandeep School, Navale Bridge, Pune-411041.Location Map 
Batch SizeAround 12-15 participants

For more details: 

 +91-98230-22244 (9 AM to 8 PM)

Course Schedule

Current Batch

April 2024, Baner Road, Pune. – Location Map 

Module 106 April 20242:00 pm To 5:30 pm
Module 207 April 20242:00 pm To 5:30 pm
Module 313 April 20242:00 pm To 5:30 pm
Module 414 April 20242:00 pm To 5:30 pm
Module 520 April 20249:15 am To 12:45 pm
Module 621 April 20248:15 am To 2.00 pm at Resort near Pune

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)?

Who can join this course?
Anyone with DSLR camera having enthusiasm to learn photography can join this course.

I don’t have DSLR camera. Can I join this course?
Yes, you can join this course. As this course is more oriented on hands on training with camera. We can arrange Canon/Nikon DSLR Camera on rent. Please book your camera during process of admission.

I have no photography background. I don’t know anything about my DSL camera. Can I join this course?
It always best to start learning with clean state. So this is an ideal condition to start your learning.

I have learned photography basics on internet. Will this course benefit me?
Whatever the free information available on internet is in pieces and this data should be used as supporting or additional information. Streamline learning will help you to understand deeply. Also there are many minute things that we cover during the course. On very first day itself you will experience this.

How can I confirm that my camera is DSLR camera?
You can check the specifications of your camera on internet and confirm the same. Typically Nikon DSLR camera model names starts with letter ‘D’ examples – D7000, D90, D5300 etc. Canon DSLR camera model names end with ‘D’ examples – 60D, 700D, 5D etc.
In case, if you are unsure about your camera model you can take our help before registration.

Where I will find myself after this course?
After religiously completion of this course you will notice significant improvement in your photography skills. You will comfortably capture creative photos at various scenarios. Your photos will be appreciated by your friends and family members. In short, you will master with all aspects of photography that any hobby photographer needs.

What is the typical profile of your participants?
There is no typical profile. Every batch is a mixture of different professionals with different background and everyone is motivated with same objective i.e. photography. We had Doctors, Engineers, Students, Businessmen, Bankers, Photographers, IT professionals, Lecturers, Artists/Designers and from every profession participated in this course.
Pixavince is great place to assimilate in a same interest group of photography.

What are age and education criteria for this course?
For this course the age limit is between 16 to 60 years.
There is no obligation from education perspective. But for overall understanding of concepts we expect minimum 10th standard education.

Do you conduct any free demo sessions?
No. We are offering these training from 2012. We have hundreds of Pixavince participants enjoying their photography hobby with excellence. Some of them are pursuing it as profession as well. We allow participants to repeat the course sessions until they fully understood the concepts.

How often you conduct this course?
We have regular batches of this course monthly or sometimes alternate month.

Your website mentions about ongoing and upcoming batches. What about past records?
As mentioned earlier we conduct batches of this course monthly or sometimes alternate month. We do not want to pile up all these details in a course details page. So we only display current and upcoming batch details. We are conducting these trainings from March 2012. You can visit our Facebook page for photos of our past events. Link is – https://www.facebook.com/pixavince

Your location is far away from my locality. Do have any plans to conduct classes in our area?
We normally conduct short workshops in central area of the city. But this course is designed for extensive learning and supporting tools are not limited to audio visual equipment. During this course we provide you various camera accessories like tripod, lenses, flash units, continuous lighting units, studio setup etc. It is inconvenient to carry them across different locations. Our well-equipped setup will benefit your learning.
Another aspect is, considering the structure of Pune city it is difficult to locate single location suitable for all. And conducting classes in core prime city area will unnecessarily increase expenses and in turn it will increase course fees significantly.
Driving for 3 weekends is worth for your hobby. We have participants joined from out of Pune locations like Kolhapur, Satara, Indapur, Beed, Loanavala, Daund, Ahemednagar, Aurangabad etc.

What if I miss any of the session of the course?
We normally expect participants to complete the course according to the schedule. Because this streamlined learning do benefit them to master photography techniques and their camera. But sometimes people have urgencies/emergencies or business priorities or any unavoidable circumstances. In those cases participant can join missed sessions in next batch. We do not allow to miss first two sessions and also more than 3 session missed. In such scenario we accommodate participant in next batch for fresh beginning.

What if I face any problems after the course?
Just like any other art, photography is also a continuous improving activity. After the course you will keep on working with your camera. You will face difficulties at some or other time. We understand this need and we have sustained and free supports to all our participants forever.
Participants can repeat any of the sessions other than outdoor session in ongoing batches with no extra charge. We have discussion group for our participants. In this forum participants share their work, discuss ideas, plans and execute photography events.

What type of certification you provide?
We are not associated with any of the institution. We provide our own participation certificate.

Course Features