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Do you want to establish your Photography Business, Attract Wealthy Clients and Earn Handsomely?

तुम्हाला फोटोग्राफी व्यवसायाच्या मजबूत पायावरती धनाढ्य ग्राहक मिळवून आर्थिक सुबत्ता आणायची आहे का?

वर्कशॉपचे जॉईन करण्याचे फायदे:

~ ग्राहकांसमोर स्वतः आणि स्वतःचे काम चांगल्याप्रकारे प्रस्तुत करू शकाल.
~ आपल्या फोटोग्राफी व्यवसायात उच्च मूल्यवान ग्राहक आकर्षित करू शकाल.
~ वर्षभर अखंडित आर्थिक उत्पन्नाचा स्रोत सुरु ठेवू शकाल.
~ योग्य व्यवस्थापन करून वेळेत कामे पूर्ण करू शकाल.
~ फोटोग्राफी क्षेत्रात आपली प्रतिष्ठा स्थापन करू शकाल.
~ वेगवेगळे फोटोग्राफी संबंधित उत्पन्नाचे स्रोत सुरु करू शकाल.
~ फोटोग्राफीची योग्य साधने घेऊन पैश्याचा अपव्यय टाळू शकाल.
~ फोटोग्राफी व्यवसायाचा ताणतणाव कमी करून आपले आयुष्यमान उंचावू शकाल.

Benefits of this workshop:

  • Presenting yourself and work in better way in front of client.
  • Attracting high value customers to your photography business.
  • Better time management and timely delivery.
  • Improved reputation in market.
  • Established photography business and sustained throughout year income.
  • Multiple income stream in photography business.
  • Investment in right equipment and saving wastage of money.
  • Reduced stress, business burden and hence improved quality of life.

Course Enrolment:  आजच रजिस्टर करा आणि डिस्काउंट मिळवा. फक्त रु. १४९ मध्ये वर्कशॉप जॉईन करा.

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Workshop Contents:

सेशन १:

  • फोटोग्राफी इंडस्ट्री परिचय
  • फोटोग्राफी व्यवसायातील नवीन ट्रेंड्स आणि मागणी
  • फोटोग्राफी व्यवसायासाठी लागणाऱ्या मूलभूत गोष्टी
  • आपल्या फोटोग्राफी शैलीची ओळख
  • फोटोग्राफी व्यवसायासाचे मार्केटिंग


सेशन २:

  • फोटोग्राफी व्यवसायाचा मजबूत पाया
  • फोटोग्राफी व्यवसायातून सातत्यपूर्ण वर्षभर उत्पन्न
  • आपल्या फोटोग्राफी व्यवसायाची ब्रँड आयडेंटिटी (ओळख)
  • वेळेचे आणि आर्थिक नियोजन



  • फोटोग्राफी बरोबरीला पूरक व्यवसाय माहिती (कमी गुंतवणुकीत जास्त फायदा).

+ 40 Mins Summary Video. (Lifetime Access)


या वर्कशॉप मध्ये फोटोग्राफी बिझनेस बदल माहिती दिली जाते. फोटोग्राफी शिकवली जात नाही. त्यासाठी आमचे दुसरे कोर्सेस आहेत. याची नोंद घ्यावी.

Course Duration:

2 Sessions (2 hrs each; Mostly on evening time)

Course Type:

Online Live Sessions (Zoom/Google Meet or similar platform)

Course Requirement:

Laptop is preferred for joining online sessions.

Course Fees:

Rs. 149



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Course Dates :

6 to 7 Mar 2024. 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM. (Marathi Batch)

तुम्हाला या समस्या भेडसावत आहेत का?

~ चांगले उच्चभ्रू ग्राहक मिळत नाहीत.
~ अनियमित आर्थिक उत्पन्न आणि वारंवार आर्थिक अडचणी भासणे
~ पराकोटीची प्रतिस्पर्धा जाणवणे.
~ वेळेत काम पूर्ण न करता येणे.
~ कामाच्या दर्जाबाबत ग्राहक असंतुष्ट असणे.
~ कॅमेरा व इतर उपकरणे घेणे आणि वापरण्याबद्दल माहिती नसणे.

Are you experiencing these problems?

  • Struggle to attract high-quality clients.
  • Experience inconsistent income throughout the year.
  • Face intense competition in the industry.
  • Difficulty meeting order deadlines.
  • Dealing with dissatisfied clients.
  • Lack of proper guidance on camera equipment.

Course Enrolment:  आजच रजिस्टर करा आणि डिस्काउंट मिळवा. फक्त रु. १४९ मध्ये वर्कशॉप जॉईन करा.

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Learn from the best mentors at Pune's premier photography training institute, bringing over 20 years of photography experience and 11+ years of training expertise. Assured excellence awaits you.

पुण्यातील नामांकित फोटोग्राफी संस्थेच्या तज्ज्ञ मार्गदर्शकांकडून फोटोग्राफी शिका. आमच्या प्रशिक्षकांना २० वर्षापेक्षा जास्त फोटोग्राफीचा आणि ११+ वर्षांचा फोटोग्राफी शिकवण्याचा अनुभव आहे. खात्रीशीर रित्या उत्तम फोटोग्राफी शिका.


Pixavince Course Participant Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is this online workshop about?
A. Enrol in this photography business fundamentals workshop to run your photography business in more efficient way.

Q. How long is the course duration?
A. 2 live online sessions of 2 hrs each. (Usually on evening time.)

Q. Is there a specific start date for the course?
A. Reach out via WhatsApp to inquire about the upcoming start dates for the next batch.

Q. What is course language?
A. Marathi

Q. How do I enrol in the course?
A. Reach out via WhatsApp on number mentioned in course details.

Q. How this course will benefit me in photography area?
A. This course will provide you with fundamental knowledge in photography business. By the end of the program, you can expect the following benefits:
- Information about Photography Industry
- Personal Development
- Photography Business Aspect
- Financial Stability In Photography Business
While the specific benefits may vary based on your initial skill level and personal goals, this course aims to empower you with the essential knowledge and abilities to excel in the field of photography business.

Q. Will this course help me to start professional photography business?
A. Yes, basic guidance course.

Q. Will this course help to pursue interest in specific photography area like Portraits, Macro, Birding Wildlife, etc?
A. No, this course is specifically designed for photographers looking for better results in their photography business.

Q. Will I learn both theory and practical aspects of photography?
A. This session will primarily offer guidance, and participants are encouraged to engage in their own practice. For more in-depth hands-on experience, consider joining our offline (physical classroom) training sessions.

Q. What kind of camera do I need for the course?
A. This is business guidance course camera is not required for workshop, Laptop is preferred for joining online sessions.

Q. Where I will get details of your offline in person classroom courses?
A. Visit: https://www.pixavince.com or feel free to contact on +91-98230-22244 (only for classroom course).

Q. Are there any specific software requirements?
A. No.

Q. How long will I have access to the course materials?
A. Participants will receive a summary video. However, please note that as this is a live session.

Q. Can I download the course videos and materials?
A. Participants will receive receive details later.

Q. Is there an option to extend the course access period?
A. No, participants are required to join the course on the scheduled dates.

Q. How can I contact the instructor for questions?
A. Feel free to raise your hand during the course if you have a question or need clarification. Please be mindful of time constraints for explaining or repeating concepts, and your cooperation in this regard is appreciated.

Q. Are there live Q&A sessions with the instructor?
A. The final 15 to 20 minutes of each session are allocated for a Q&A session, providing participants with an opportunity to ask questions and seek clarification.

Q. What is the typical response time for instructor support?
A. Please note that there will be no email, text, or telephonic support available for this course.

Q. Are there quizzes or assignments in the course?
A. There won't be any assignments for this course. Instead, we will offer photography ideas and showcase inspiring photos to encourage your creative exploration.

Q. How is the course graded?
A. No exams or submissions will be required for this course, and there will be no grading. The focus is on learning and practical application without formal assessments.

Q. What should I do if I encounter technical issues with the course platform?
A. Apologies, but we are unable to provide technical support for platform-related issues. The online meetings will be conducted using either Google Meet or Zoom. These are common platforms, and you can find ample assistance on Google for any technical queries you may encounter.

Q. Is there a forum or community where students can interact?
A. The community forum is exclusive to offline long-term courses and is not available for online short-term courses.

Q. What is the refund policy for the course?
A. Refunds will not be issued for this course.

Q. Can I cancel my enrolment, and what are the conditions?
A. Enrolment cannot be cancelled; however, you have the option to transfer it to a friend or relative.

Q. Is there a trial period for the course?
A. No, this course is designed to be a low-cost, short-duration program.

Q. Are there recommended books or additional learning materials?
A. Information about resources will be provided and explained during the course.

Q. Can I access any bonus content or resources?
A. Certainly, you will receive information about additional benefits or perks associated with the course during the training sessions.

Q. How can I continue learning after completing the course?
A. Details about the further learning will be explained as the course progresses.

Q. How I will get help beyond these mentioned topics?
A. Kindly send a WhatsApp message for assistance. We will make every effort to resolve your issue. Given the extremely low cost of the course and the large participant base for online sessions, there are limitations in addressing individual concerns. For a more personalized and enriched learning experience, consider joining our offline classroom sessions for in-person guidance.