Does deals are always good for you?


This is a recent story happened with my friend – He wanted to buy 32 inch LCD TV. Before going to shop he did some internet research and selected model of some brand. But when he visited to a shop, salesman convinced him to buy 40 inch TV of same brand but of other series. Since there was a marginal cost difference between two models he bought 40inch TV. He also got Blue Ray player in discounted rate along with TV. He came back home in good mood that he has won a good deal.

Since he was upgrading his television he ordered HD set top box as well. He got his TV installed. He connected set top box to Rear HDMI interface and then Blue Ray player to side HDMI interface. Since that TV model was having only two HDMI ports.

Recently he got portable media player which he wanted to connect to TV. But as all the HDMI ports are occupied he has to unplug the side connection frequently to connect the media player. Additionally he realized that his camera also got HDMI interface but it was too late to realize. Later he also noticed that his TV size is also bigger for his room. All the SD contents (non HD channels) from set top box were looking pixelated.

He rushed to the shop and explained his problem. But salesman showed helplessness about this problem. Salesman also said that if he would have communicated earlier he would have shown him the different model which was around 15,000 Rs. higher than what he bought.

So who is at fault here?

There are many things to criticize. Ultimately it boils down to – He failed to do market study properly.