Do I need to Learn Photography?



When I was brainstorming on the concept of photography courses I used to discuss this concept with my friends and relatives. Most of them favoured this idea but some of others had question mark on their faces! When I discuss with them further their reactions were – I can take photos with my camera. How? Just turn on and click. What else is required to take a photo? My camera is automatic! Then I use to ask about blurry or under/over exposed photos. The obvious response was – this is very basic camera; you can’t expect more from it. They had no answers when I star asking them further questions and showing them a photos captured with my mobile phone.

I believe these questions will benefit everyone to understand their level of photography knowledge. I intentionally have not automated the scoring for these questions (People should not think that I am manipulating the results to attract the crowd. LOL). This score is not going to share with anyone except you. Be honest with your answers. Understand your level of photography and act on it.

Scoring System – Please have a paper and pencil with you. For answer A score is 2, for answer b score is 5 and for answer C score is 10. List down your scores for each question on paper. Sum up them and finally see the remarks for tally. Good Luck!!!

P.S. These are real life questions I asked to my friends and I got answers in following categories.


1. My photos are eye-catching and everybody likes them.

a. Always

b. sometimes

c. Rarely

2. My photos are sharp and highlight the required details of the photograph.

a. Always

b. Sometimes

c. Rarely

3. I can creatively use my photos at my work or creating presentations.

a. Always

b. Sometimes

c. There are lot many freebees on internet.

4. When I take picture I check the captured picture and histogram.

a. Mostly


Not Required

5. I am comfortable with capturing images in various lighting conditions

a. Surely

b. Mostly

c. Not Sure

6. Hey! What is this “lighting conditions”?

a. I know it very well

b. There is some menu in camera

c. What are you talking about?

7. My photo prints have clipped head persons/ half cut person.

a. Never

b. Sometimes

c. More Likely (I believe this is lab technician’s problem)

8. I can quickly find any photo from entire collection of photos. I can immediately start a slide show of my best photos (or of my kid photos) with a few clicks.

a. Anytime

b. Need Some Time

c. Come back after a week

9. I am sure that my photography work is safe.

a. Confident

b. My good collections are on Flickr

c. We can’t do anything if hard drive crashes.

10. I believe higher megapixel camera is the best.

a. Not much Relevant

b. It should matter

c. Definitely


Are you ready with your score?

If your score is in –

69 to 100 – You really need to improve your basic photography skills. This will help you to deliver best from the camera you are using.

45 to 69 – You are doing better; still need to improve on many aspects. Work on your weak areas and try to improve on them.

20 to 44 – You are a champ; go ahead and learn different advanced photography techniques.


Have a Good Day!!!