Walking Through Memory Lanes!


The flight seemed to be very long and hectic. When it landed on O’Hare Chicago Sandy (The Obvious Abbreviation of Sandeep) just stood up and allowed the other passengers to move ahead, very unusual to his routine hurry to be right dot on time. All his moves today were at their mechanical best with absolute no driving force. Walking out of the terminal he had a look at his wrist watch; it was still showing the India time, almost half a slice of day ahead of current time. ..The beautiful watch gifted by his better half when he reached Mumbai around a month back.
    When he came out of the airport it was very windy and small droplets of rain were about to get dense. It was a quite  surprise for that part of the season. He waved to the taxi and pushed himself on the rear seat without bothering much to arrange his midsize Samsonite traveler and a leather hand bag.
    “Castle Avenue, 704 , 3300 Federal Street. Exit B3”, he told the driver in murmured voice.
    It started pouring heavily now and the taxi headed on it’s way. He was looking dead straight to the wind screen. The wipers were circling furiously throwing away gallons of water in each stroke.”Hey what if my mind will have wipers too..Can they wipe my mind screen?” ,he just said to himself. His eye-lids became wet and tears started flowing down his cheeks.
    ” OH..Gash am I crying…am I”? The taxi was making way in the foggy lanes of busy streets and he headed to his memory lanes. Everything started rolling back as if it was happening now….a way back flight to home, his welcome at his arrival, the first site of his two month old son, an emotional sparkle in his wife’s eye..all the fun they had during that last month…he started cherishing that walk in his memory lanes..those lovable , ever want moments…WoW.
    The GPS in the taxi started buzzing for exit B3 and he was again pulled back in the present. Five minutes to go and he would be reaching his apartments, rented one on the third floor , surrounded by thick and tall lush green trees.
Now he was crisp in his movements. The rain was about to stop and so his mind crystal clean like a white diamond. Some magical thoughts wiped out those foggy moments.
    He just opened his leather bag and searched for wallet to keep the bills ready. When he saw his galaxy note pad in the bag he was not able to control himself and even in those hurried moments opened the last image he clicked when he was waving off good-bye to his wife and son. He opened the photo and to his awful surprise was taken aback when he saw a blurred image. He just remembered how difficult it was to take that snap when he was hurrying inside to collect his boarding pass…
    He just had a smile on his face. When driver said “ $43 Sir” , he replied with a very vague answer with $50 bills in his hand “ Hey come on, that snap is still there in my mind..it is still as it is in my mind”.

By Yug
Date: 3/31/2012