Sakal Young Buzz Workshop – 26 May 2012


Great pleasant experience of enjoying the time with children!!! Each child was full with enthusiasm and eager to learn new skills. Each moment during lecture time was adding to their excitement. Once they set for taking pictures the entire hall was full with clicks…
We appreciate the support provided by Sakal staff for making this event a big success. Mr. Shriram Shinde, Assistant Editor, Sakal Times overwhelmed us with his interest in photography. Regardless of his busy schedule he was actively involved during entire workshop session. And last but not least, thanks to Madhura mam. Without you this event would not have happen.

Some of the snaps of the event –

Training in Full Force –
Sakal_youngBuzzMay12 (19)

Sakal_youngBuzzMay12 (16)

In Action –

Sakal_youngBuzzMay12 (30)

Sakal_youngBuzzMay12 (29)

Freeze The Motion –

Sakal_youngBuzzMay12 (28)

Precision –

Sakal_youngBuzzMay12 (26)

Sakal_youngBuzzMay12 (24)

New Friends –

Sakal_youngBuzzMay12 (31)

Non Stop Fun –

Sakal_youngBuzzMay12 (12)

A word of Thanks –

Sakal_youngBuzzMay12 (4)

Sakal_youngBuzzMay12 (9)


Lighter Moments –

Sakal_youngBuzzMay12 (13)

More pictures are at flickr –

Sakaal Young Buzz Workshop 26 May 2012