Reward Program

An objective of “Pixavince Creations’ Loyalty Rewards Program” is to maximize the benefits to the members who are associated with Pixavince Creations. Also, this program encourages members to participate in various activities at Pixavince Creations.
Execution of this program is simple:
Whenever any Pixavince course member does/participates bellow mentioned activity then member gains reward points. Reward points details are as mentioned in bellow table. Participant can redeem these reward points against fees of course, workshop, events or any other activity mentioned by Pixavince Creations. (Limits will be as mentioned in that activity.)

Rewards Points Table

Sr. No. Activity Rewards
1 Follow Pixavince Creations on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter 1000 Points
2 Participation in PPG event As mentioned in event details
3 Posting 10+ quality photos in Pixavince Photography Open Group in one calendar month 1000 Points
4 Referred candidate completes 8 session weekend course 2500 Points
5 Referred candidate completes 2 months professional photography course 5000 Points
6 Referred candidate completes 1 month videography course 6000 Points
7 Other Programs As mentioned in program details
8 Bonus Points for promoting Pixavince Activities on social media. Like:
Sharing Pixavince posts on Facebook or Instagram
or inviting friends for liking Pixavince page
or inviting friends for Pixavince events etc…
Periodically Awarded by Pixavince Management

Unless exclusively mentioned 5 Reward points equals to 1 Rs.
Tracking: Currently these reward points will be manually tracked.
Eligibility: Pixavince course participants or PPG Classic or Elite members are considered as members for this program.

Terms and Conditions applicable to the Pixavince Creations’ Loyalty Rewards Program

  • Pixavince Creations reserves the right to modify wholly or in part this program by any other program or terminate the program at any time without any prior notice.
  • Pixavince Creations also reserves the right to change and modify the terms and conditions at any point in time without prior notice.
  • Pixavince Creations reserves the right to offer/ withdraw any special schemes for a special set of customers selected at its discretion. Pixavince Creations also reserves the right to accept/ decline a member’s request at its discretion.
  • Pixavince Creations computation of the Reward Points shall be final, conclusive and binding on members and is not liable to be disputed.
  • Reward points cannot transfer any points to another person.
  • Reward points are valid only for 2 years from the date of accumulation.
  • The points are redeemable only in accordance with the mentioned details course, workshop, events or any other activity and is not liable to be disputed.
  • Valid referred candidate is treated only in case of: Candidate and referrer conveys in advance about reference.
  • Reward points once converted cannot be reversed/cancelled.