Chetan Nikam

A government official who finds his passion and hobby in nature and loves to click it. Inspite of his extremely busy schedule his dedication and consistent practice in photography is remarkable. He is a calm person but his subjects talk a lot about his skills and style in photography. His pictures gallery is a treat to eyes.

I wanted personally to let you know all how gratifying it was to receive a kind note of support and encouragement from the Pixavince creations throughout my photography hobby. Coming as it did from someone all too familiar with just how taxing a campaign can be, it meant all the more to me.
I have taken the liberty of sharing my experience with the other friends and photography lovers. Pixavince is the real movers and shakers in this enormous efforts of world through lenses. Devendra sir’s words were visibly heartening to all of us. I, deeply appreciate his endorsement and promise as well as his efforts towards assistance in developing my photography skills.
Again, I share my sincere thanks to Pixavince creations. It is a great experience with Pixavince and Prabhune family is really creator for the amateur photographers like us.
I sincerely appreciate the response of Pixavince regarding my efforts to improve my photography. Pixavince has given a lot of thought to me. And I hope that my comments will motivate the others to take positive step towards photography. To make a difference I will need your continued support dear Devendra sir. Thank you again.

Chetan Nikam
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