Photography Tips

Tips for beautiful photographs

  • Every photo you capture you must Think, Plan and Shoot.
  • For sharp pictures learn focus modes of your camera, use tripod and shoot with higher shutter speeds.
  • If your photos are suffering with color tint then manually adjust your camera white balance to correct the color tone of the picture.
  • While taking the pictures of Kids or Babies, get down to the ground and take images from their level.
  • The rule of thirds is an essential photography technique. It can be applied to any subject to improve the composition and balance of your images.
  • Polarisers, graduated NDs, and warming filters are useful for landscape photography.
  • Protect your photographs by watermarking them.
  • One hour after sunrise and before sunset are the golden hours for outdoor photography.
  • Breathe new life into subjects by photographing them in silhouette, removing detail and texture to leave a simple, bold shape on a bright background.
  • Deliberately setting the wrong white balance can add an overall colour cast to your images – blue if you shoot in daylight with a Tungsten white balance, warm tones with Cloudy white balance.
  • Instead of single large capacity Memory Card, use two medium capacity Memory Cards in interchange.
  • Format Memory Card instead of Erase All option. Formatting re-creates directory structure and prevents database errors.

Important Camera Accessories

  • Good Quality Tripod
  • Lens Attachments – Circular Polarizing Filter, Natural Density Filter and UV Filter
  • Camera Cleaning – Cleaning cloth and kits
  • Power Sources – Spare Battery and chargers
  • Camera and accessory bag or backpack

The Photographer’s Checklist
Prior Tasks (at least 12 hrs prior)

  • Charge Camera and Flash Batteries.
  • Copy photos from memory card and format the card.
  • Clean camera, Lenses and accessories.

Before Leaving check for

  • Memory card and Fully charged battery is inserted in camera and spare batteries are in camera back (securely covered).
  • All the required accessories, Lenses and tripod is being carried.

Before you press the shutter button

  • Is your camera set to the mode you planned to use.
  • Does your subject fill the frame and focus is locked on subject.
  • Check the edges of the frame, check the background, deep breath and click.

After capturing the photograph

  • Check for overall appearance of the picture is as per your plan.
  • Check the histogram for proper exposure.
  • Check for eye blinks or undesired movements.