Learning Stages of Photography


While discussing with the people in general and during workshop we observe drastic differences in confidence levels about photography.  The main reason for this is – Initially 99% of people are confident about their concepts about the photography. Usually in workshop or trainings people notice that they are carrying many misconceptions and myths. They become panic and confused; their concepts about photography shatter.

The confidence level of the person starts growing up when understanding and utilizing the photography concepts and techniques. Also they get the feeling of reality and clear roadmap for learning. They have definite directions for improving their photography skills. The only remaining task for them is to proceed further on the learning path and keep on mastering every aspect of the photography.


Learning Process Graph
Learning Process


Stages –

Before Learning:

Everyone is living in a shell; feeling that the camera they have is a very basic camera and it is not capable of taking great photos. The common impressions are that someone with great photos has very high price camera or high megapixel camera. Everyone at this stage operates camera mostly in automatic mode or in unknown conditions. In automatic mode camera is capable of taking average quality photos in most of the scenarios. So they don’t have much complaints and feeling mastered.

Started Learning:

Some of them feel to learn about photography or came across photography trainings. In pursue of knowledge one joins the photography training. When person came across the terms and concepts of the photography they starts feeling inferior. The thought process starts in a way – “What I did for years? Was it the photography what I was doing earlier!”. The confidence of the person drops down and suddenly person stats feeling that he has very limited knowledge of photography and he need to learn all this. Bounce back…

Learn Basic Operations of Camera:

Person learns basic operations of the camera and becomes familiar with all the controls of camera. Confidence starts growing up.

Lean Exposure Concepts:

Learning the exposure process and exposure control gives a good boost to their confidence. At this stage person is confident to take pictures under various lighting conditions and scenarios.

Learn Lighting and Creative Photography Concepts:

Effective use of lighting or creating artificial lighting setups and composition techniques improves the skills of the person to a level that he can exhibit his photos to other with confidence.

Learn Advanced Photography Concepts:

Effort in learning photography at challenging situations adds the feather in his cap.

Mastered Camera Concepts:

You are guru at this stage and wold is at your feet.

Continue Practice: Never stop learning. Keep sharpening your skills.


You know where you are standing; what are your strength and limitations. You have seen the world to really judge your position and knowledge. Average fellow reaches here at 75% and remain there for rest of his life.

 Nobody can escape from churning through these stages. So understand your current position and act accordingly.