Introduction to DSLR Photography Workshop


Introduction to DSLR Photography Workshop
Free photography workshop for DSLR camera users.

It’s not virtual, interact directly with experts.


This workshop is for everyone who has a DSLR camera. This workshop covers basics of photography techniques, your camera operations. The course is designed to have basic photography and camera knowledge for an individual who is planning to use DSLR camera for personal use. We have ample of illustrations supporting with technical details. These techniques will help you to quickly understand the concepts and functionality of different parts of camera.

Workshop Details
  • Introduction
  • Digital Photography fundamentals and workflow
  • DSLR camera details and controls
  • Capturing Sharp Pictures
  • Camera basics (ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture) for capturing creative photos
Workshop Language English
Workshop Prerequisites DSLR camera
Workshop Fees Free
Workshop Duration 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM On weekends.
Workshop Location Pune. We will communicate the venue details to participants 3 days prior to workshop.
Workshop Date Enrolments are open for 17th June 2018 Batch


Frequently Asked Questions –

Q. I don’t have DSLR camera; Can I attend this course?
This course will not be much useful without DSLR camera
Q. How much technical details you will cover in the course?
Learning Photography is an endless process, we will only cover the required technical details which basic digital camera needs. Our emphasis will be on hands on training than technical details.
Q. I don’t have any prior photography knowledge; will I get benefited with this course?
Yes, absolutely. This course is designed for individual who don’t have any prior knowledge of photography.
Q. How this course differs from others?
This course is specifically developed keeping amateur camera user in mind. Most of the other workshops present same material as of what they used for professional/advanced courses. These contests are not helpful at beginner stage.
Q. Can I start any photography related profession after this training?
These trainings are just fundamentals of photography. There are still lot of things to be learned if you have to become professional photographer. We will recommend you to use this course as foundation of your photography knowledge.
Q. Why should I take up this course if I am not getting any commercial benefit from it?
There are lot many indirect benefits of this course. You can use these skills to display your products to your clients in more attractive ways; you can exhibit your work on internet or sell your photos to stock photos web site if they like your work. Who will not like their photographs showcase on National Geographic web site?
Q. My questions are not listed above.
Write to us from contact page or call us. We are happy to help you.