High Speed Photography Workshop

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Welcome to an exquisite world of High Speed Photography. High Speed photography is a specialized photography technique to capture very fast happening actions.  A simple falling liquid drop creates very beautiful patterns when it hits to a solid or liquid surface. This collision occurs in a fraction of second and with normal eye we cannot see the intermittent patterns.

 Milk Drops To capture such high speed events a dedicated electronics sensors and camera control equipment is required to precisely capture the event at thousandth part of a second (millisecond). 
At Pixavince we have developed a device which is capable to capture these high speed events without any knowledge of complex electronic engineering. This simple plug and use device can sense various types of events, controls flash and camera operation by remote control.

What you need –

  • Photo Trigger Box.  Device to – sense the action, trigger the camera and flash units.
  • A Digital Camera with Bulb mode or up to 30 sec exposure time. Preferably DSLR or Advanced Digital Camera like Canon SX40 HS or Nikon P510 etc.
  • Good to have – A remote trigger shutter release support for camera with IR Remote or Cable release. (Check your camera manual. DSLRs support this feature.)
  • Off camera flash unit (speedlite) at least one unit. Studio Lights won’t work here.

Photo Trigger Box
Photo Trigger Box is a device to control a camera and flash (speedlite) to capture high speed actions. This versatile device can be triggered with different types of electronic sensors.

Photo Trigger Box Specifications –

  • Optical Event Trigger
  • Sound Event Trigger
  • Advanced Mode for connecting additional sensors
  • Intervalometer Mode (Capture photos repeatedly on set intervals)
  • * Solenoid Valve support for precise control over liquid drops.
  • Slave Flash Mode with additional optical sensor unit
  • Controls up to 2 flash units and a camera.
  • Electric isolation for camera and flash units from other electronics circuits. This ensures safety of your precious Camera unit.
  • Camera connection with IR Remote or Shutter Release Cable.
  • Computer Interface to control device operations. Supported OS – Windows Xp, vista and 7.

*Need to buy Solenoid Valve unit separately to use this feature.

Price: Rs. 6000/-
This price includes a small training session (3 hrs session) on High Speed Photography and device operations.
In the box

  1. Photo Trigger Box device
  2. Audio Sensor
  3. Optical Sensor
  4. One flash generic (compatible with most of the flash units in the market) socket with 2 mtr cable.
  5. IR Remote for Camera
  6. USB cable
  7. Power Adapter
Optional Accessories Second Flash adapter
Cable Release for Camera
Solenoid Valve unit
Optical Sensor for slave flash mode
Terms and conditions

  • This device comes with a 1 year warranty from date of purchase. This warranty is not applicable on cables, sockets, Power adapters and flash sockets (typically a third party procured Items).
  • Training session are conducted once in a month and date for upcoming session will be communicated prior in well advance. Based on other priorities Pixavince may not announce training for any particular month.
  • This unit is well designed and tested for safety of operations with camera and Flash. We will not be responsible for any loss because of incorrect usage of this unit.

High Speed Photography