Elfin Controller

Elfin Controller : Single device for all specialized needs in photography.

Sometime back we developed Photo Trigger device for high speed photography. It was very successful project. To move ahead, we have started working on development of devices for specialized needs in photography.


Elfin Controller is useful for automating the tasks in:

  • Macro Rail Stack Shot
  • Light Trails photography
  • Camera Setting and Focus Control
  • Camera Panning and Linear movement
  • Lightning Trigger
  • Motion Trigger
  • Sound Trigger
  • Time Lapse Photography

There are commercial devices available in the market. These costly devices do not cover entire range of these features. So we decided to take up this project. This will make these advanced devices available for hobby photographers at low cost.

Elfin Controller Basic

Elfin Controller Basic

Elfin Controller Advanced

Elfin Controller Advanced

Project Development

More than commercial aspect we have taken up this project to help photography community. We are making this development as Open Hardware project.
This is crowd funded project. It will help us to speed up development activity.


Open Hardware Project

We will share hardware and schematic details on wiki pages of these projects. We will provide required firmware and software in compiled form. Software will be Pixavince Creations’ property and it is allowed to use this software only for non-commercial purposes. Project details will be updated soon at wiki.pixavince.com.
Ready to use products will be available at Pixavince for purchase and use. Experts in electronics can develop their own systems from beginning or we can supply them PCBs and other components for Do-It-Yourself.

Development Activities

  • Hardware and firmware Development
  • Development of Android, Iphone, Windows Phone applications
  • USB Registration and licensing
  • Development of Windows application and device driver
  • Mechanical Development for pan and linear motion

Development Time

Both products will available in one year’s time.