Digital Post Processing Workshop

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Photography Essentials: Digital Post Processing Workshop

Two Days Photo Post processing workshop

Aid your creative vision with advanced photo editing tools to extract more from your pictures capture with digital camera.  Normally, because of technological limitation or challenging lighting conditions camera fails to capture all dramatic details of the scene. The pictures appear dull when they are copied to computer. The simple image editing techniques help to pop up your pictures and bring out their natural details.


Dates Call for dates
Venue We will update soon
Workshop Fees Rs. 3500
Requirements Participants need to carry their own laptop with GIMP, Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements or Lightroom installed.

For more details about workshop, call – +91 98230 22244

  * Gimp is advanced image editing software freely available under GPL. More details at –


Details –

Module 1: Principles of digital imaging

  • Color theory fundamentals for digital imaging and Basic color management
  • Introduction to different image formats used in Digital Photography
  • Comparison between Raw vs Jpeg
  • Interpreting picture information with EXIF data and health with Histogram
  • Introduction and comparison of commonly used photo editing tools

 Module 2: Basic photo adjustments with any image editing tool.

  • Brightness, Contrast, Color saturation correction
  • Exposure Compensation and Shadow/Highlight recovery
  • Rotating and Straitening
  • Cropping and resizing images
  • Removing color cast, White balance correction
  • Removing noise and Sharpening Photos
  • Red eye reduction
  • Watermarking for rights protection

 Module 3: Advanced photo editing with Photoshop or GIMP

  • Advanced editing with Layers, channels, selections
  • Selective coloring, selective photo enhancements
  • Photoshop filters
  • Batch processing
  • Installing and using Photoshop Plugins
  • Panorama and HDR processing

 Module 4: Raw Processing with Photoshop Lightroom or camera RAW

  • Introduction to Lightroom interface and workflow concept
  • RAW workflow
  • Adjustments and enhancements with Camera RAW/Lightroom