Dr. Vyankatesh S. Metan
Orthopedics Surgeon, Solapur

(Nov 2012)
We are thankful to you for conducting 2 days photography workshop successfully in Solapur.
I really appreciate your knowledge and teaching skills of photography. You have a complete package of information about photography. We are impressed by your audiovisual aids used for this workshop. You have given us nice service. Your teaching method was very effective. We all liked this workshop as there was two way communications. Your teaching method was very much simple, effective, excellent use of power point presentation and two way communications. You being an engineer you have explained all Physics aspect of camera very nicely.
You know we all have started our photography very recently. You have taught us basic principles of photography. This will improve our photography skills. We will be interested to join your next workshops. We can improve our photography skills from where you left us. We want to learn more on the field.
Prof D W Pande
Dean R & D and Professor – Mech Engg :: College of Engineering, Pune, India

(Oct-Nov 2012 DSLR Photography Course)
What I like about this course is – Punctuality, Good technical coverage of the techniques and equipment’s, Prompt and to-the-point clarification of doubts, Coverage of Important and Interesting situations/case studies, and of course, the breakfasts on all the days of workshop. Presentation of good and interesting slides that covered all the concepts of basic digital photography is the main important feature of this course.
I recommend joining this course to learn all the basics of digital photography.
Shekhar Karkhanis
Senior HR professional

(July 2012)
Basically I a Senior HR professional working with an Automobile Company and attended one basic photography course in the month of Jul-2012 conducted by Pixavince Creations. I observe that, they are real professionals and having very good rapport with the people attending such courses. In one programme only I became fan of Pixavince. During the entire one day session I observed that, their teaching process is very much interesting and unique besides the personal touch and belongingness.
I purchased my Nikon D5100 in the month of Mar-2012 and tried to explore it with the help of the brochure provided by Nikon and was in a dilemma how to implement the theory mentioned in the book because I was not able to understand the terminologies and usages. When I attended the course I asked Mr. Devendra the trainer and coordinator lot of queries and found that, it was so simple and I was not only person who was in such dilemma. Thanks a lot Devendra for the guidelines. Now I am able to use and utilize my DSLR as per my requirements and insight.
I got lot of small tips and do’s and don’t during the session and following it. Great tips and great exposures to the amateur photographers thru Pixavince. One must experience it to explore the world of photography. Besides, they are bringing the spice in the session thru practical exposures which is really very interesting part and a unique experience to know I can also catch good snaps. Good to know that.
I am badly waiting for their next batch for DSLR workshop and if possible I definitely would like to attend it and also will recommend the amateurs and beginners. I am thankful to Pixavince for opening photography gateways smoothly. I am enjoying photography now which is really my major stress buster. Thanks Pixavince and wish you all the best for your efforts and endeavors you are making to spread the photography culture.
Abhhey A. Bhisey
G.M. Ventile Co. Pvt. Ltd.

(July 2012)

I joined this course to understand Digital photography and I was totally satisfied. The batch size is manageable, Both Mr. Devendra Prabhune and Mrs. Vaishali Prabhune can concentrate well on each participant. There are enough practicles to understand the techniques.
Basically being an engineer, Mr. Devendra can explain better. Language is no problem as दोघेही मराठीत सुंदर समजावून सांगतात.
तुम्ही जर डिजिटल केमेरा घेतला असेल तर नक्कीच हा कोर्स करा. चांगला फोटो कशा काढायचा हे शिकावेच लागते हे लक्षात घ्या. अजून एक सांगायचे म्हणजे, Prabhunes maintain relations all the time even after you finish the course and gives you guidance all the time. This is very important for me.

Atul Karmarkar
Operation Director at General Electric India Industrial Pvt. Ltd

(Apr 2012)
I find your approach to understand the level of competency in customers amazing. Your ability to mould the course communication with reference to skill set of students is wonderful. First of all, you made students at ease and build confidence, that we can also learn this art. This confidence is very much important for future development. Your step by step approach to understand student’s problem and help to challenge his own thoughts are unique way to improve skills. I will definitely join your advanced photography courses.
Bhagyashree B Joshi

(Aug 2012)
“Two for all” I think, it should be the perfect tag line for Pixavince Creations, Pune! The way in which both Devendra and Vaishali has developed the basic photography course for all photography lovers is really great. This course is good combination of theory and practical. Personally I am very fond of photography also I used to do photography in some unusual ways with different settings on my camera but frankly speaking didn’t know about Photography Scientifically. This course helped me a lot to get knowledge about what actual photography is!! Course material is self explainetory too. Though I feel this workshop has to be of 2 or 3 days so that outdoor photography experience also get covered and exclusivly for non SLR users. In short, Pixavince Creation as name suggest Unique Experience of learning something new………..
Girish Kadam
Sr. Manager Accenture Services Pvt Ltd

(Oct-Nov 2012 DSLR Photography Course)
This was a good course with right combination of practicals. It helped to understand next level of photography.
(May 2012)