Pixavince Photography Group

What is Pixavince Photography Group

  • This is a dedicated program to execute various exciting activities in photography.
  • We know everyone has unique interests in photography; diversified portfolio of activities will satisfy everyone from novice to expert photographers.
  • Membership plans to gain extra benefits, offers, discounts and many more…
  • 52 weeks 52 activities…
  • Every month Pixavince will announce upcoming activities for next month.


  • Photowalks
  • Photography Tours
  • Expert’s Talks and Slide Shows
  • Photo Review/Critiques
  • Themed Photo Shoots
  • Camera and Accessories Demos
  • Photography Contests and Photo Marathon
  • Photography Exhibitions
  • Specialized/Creative Photography Workshops

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Photowalks are short photography excursions at Pune city’s heritage, scenic or architectural places.
These walks will be conducted on periodic basis in and around city premises of 40KM. The duration of photo walk will be around 3-12 hours depending upon the location.

Photography Tours
The main objective to conduct photography tours in India is to enjoy the nature with the same hobby group with moderate expenses.
Photography tours across various places in India for – Bird, Wildlife, Nature or architectural Photography.
In these tours we will be covering most of the photography popular places in India from North-South and from East-west of India.
Every photo walk will be conducted under guidance of specialized and skilled mentors as per the theme of photo walk. Serious hobbyist including armature photographers will get an opportunity to enhance their skills with interacting and personalized attention by mentors.
These tours will be arranged in small groups. The schedule will be announced well in advance for future adjustments for the participants.

Expert’s Talks and Slide Shows
Get guidance from expert photographers from various photography areas. Listen stories behind their great photos. Get inspired with their achievements.

Photo Review/Critiques
Photography is a lifetime learning process for every photographer. Time to time and to the point guidance will help to achieve the desired results. Critiques and reviewing photos is a vital part of professional photography. This particular segment in these activities will help you to improve your photography skills by avoiding frequent mistakes and focusing on desired output with proper guidance.

Themed Photo Shoots
Theme Photoshoots will not restrict to this
– Fashion Photography
– Fine Art Photography
– Food Photography
– Panorama

Camera Accessories Demos
Photography is very creative as well as a costly hobby. Before knowing the actual working and need of accessory may lead to disappointments and wastage of money. To avoid this situation, we will be conducting demos of existing as well as upcoming new accessories demos to know more about the market and photography trends.
Photography Contests and Photo Marathon
Contests and prizes boosts, encourages us to do an incredible work in our personal field of liking.

Photography Exhibitions
Celebrating the success of the Pixavince Photography club members by exhibiting their work to the society, in different genres of photography.

Specialized/Creative Photography Workshops
This will include the following and many more
– Long Exposure & Light Painting
– Startrails
– High-speed Photography
– Macro Photography
– Time Lapse Photography


Membership Benefits

  • Free or Discounted entry for defined number of events per month
  • Exclusive access to Pixavince studio
  • Photo critiques/reviews by experts
  • Discount on Cameras and accessories
  • Pixavince discount coupons
  • Portal to sell your photos online

Membership Plans

Elite Classic Basic
Number of Free/Discounted Events per month 2 1 0
Event Enrolment Preference 1 Day prior to Classic 12 Hours prior to Basic
Photo critiques per months 5 Photos 2 Photos 0
Discount on Pixavince studio access (once per quarter) 50% 25% 0%
Discounts on photography accessory and Pixavince courses Yes Yes


Membership Charges

Elite Classic Basic
5 Years Plan Rs. 8000 Rs. 5000 0
3 Years Plan Rs. 6000 Rs. 4000 0
1 Year Plan Rs. 2500 Rs. 1500 0


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