Our Philosophy

Digital technology has created a revolution in photography world. Today everyone carry digital camera in one or other form. Starting from pen camera, mobile phone camera, point and shoot digital camera to Digital SLR. Almost all the models of handy-cams also capture very good quality pictures.

This technology has completely changed the photography work-flow. Now there is no need to buy film roles and wait for results until roles are developed. On next moment of photo capture picture appears on the camera screen, no need to take prints to see the results. The filter effects used by professionals are readily available in basic entry-level digital cameras as well. Pictures can be post-processed on computer to sparkle. Internet is a great medium to exhibit your creativity to world.

Regardless of this, most of the people fail to get quality results from their equipment. People always get excited about photography when they see eye-catching photos posted on the social network sites or other Internet sources. They pick up camera in inspiration and click some shots. But those photos use to be nowhere close to the photos they have seen. Usually everyone conclude that the person with great photos has excellent camera that I don’t have and hence is the difference.

We strongly believe in – It doesn’t matter what equipment you have; what matters is the person behind camera. Cameras don’t take pictures, photographers do. Cameras are just another artist’s tool.

Though photography is an art, camera is a tool. You can master your camera to unleash the artist inside you.

We can keep an art factor aside for a while. Improved photography skills will definitely help you in your daily activities. You can present your products to customers in better ways; you will have your own creations at your work or studies. And finally last but not least, you can cherish your good memories for a life.

Still having a doubt – Please spare 5 minutes to check your photography skills on this link!