About Us

Pixavince Creations is group of expert professionals from various key areas like – commercial photographers, industrial photography, industrial experts from IT profession, electronics engineering and different management functions. This group is motivated to work on different areas for benefit of end users and students.
  I am Vaishali Prabhune, an anchor of this stage. I am an Electronics Engineer, I have associations with various educational institutions for more than 10 years. I was never satisfied only with academic teaching. Since very beginning I was motivated to work on a venture where I can deliver more than just text book concepts. This has given shape to Pixavince Creations. 
We are committed for –True value for money for customers: Our solutions help the customers to choose the perfectly suitable products from wide range of products available in the market. This in turn helps them to gain maximum out of what they have invested in for.

Bridge skills gap between education systems and industry: Our efforts of incubating real industry standard engineers narrows the skill gap between education systems and industry. This also helps the students to succeed and fast growth in their career.